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Q: Why rent from Bouncing Kingdom?

A:  Bouncing kingdom LLC provides great customer service , trained and certified to ensure your safety and piece of mind.  Upon delivery, we will provide you with State of florida certification tags to ensure that you are renting a safe unit.  Although the idea of saving a few dollars on your next event may sound great, it is never safe to sacrifice on safety, cleanliness and great customer service.


Q: What is the deposit and payment policy?

A:  No deposit required!!!! Payments must be paid to the driver before the inflatable is set up. We offer several payment options, such as payment by credit card or cash


Q: What is your Cancellation Policy for Bad Weather?

A: In the event of severe bad weather conditions (IE. High Winds, Torrential Downpours etc.) during the scheduled hours of your event, Bouncig Kingdom LLC reserve the right to cancel the event. If the weather is not too severe, bouncing kingdom LLC will give the customer the right to either cancel or re-schedule the event. If the event is cancelled due to a weather related reason, the customer will be give the option to receive a full refund of any payments made or apply those payment to a later date. Please note that once the equipment is delivered, there will be no refunds or credits of any kind. 

For cancellations other than inclement weather, we require a 30 day notice via e-mail to



Q: Are your inflatable’s safe?

A: Yes, at Bouncing Kingdom safety is our top priority. Our units are regularly inspected by the State of New Jersey and are made from the best manufacturers and materials in the industry. Upon arrival to your event, our professional staff member will walk you through the rules and regulations for using the inflatable.


Q: What is your Free Delivery Zone? 

A:  Bouncing Kigndom LLC provides FREE delivery and FREE set up within our delivery zone of jacksonville and orange park. Deliveries outside this area, and within jax & op can be arranged by giving us a call or e-mailing us.


Q: What are the yard requirements for the set up of the inflatable?

A:  It is required that there are no pet droppings or sharp objects on the ground such as rocks or sticks that can puncture the inflatable. We also require that in-ground sprinkler systems be turned off and sprinkler heads be disengaged. The surface should be as flat as possible and there should be an electrical outlet within 100 Feet of the inflatable. We can provide a generator if needed with prior notice for an additional price.


Q: Do you deliver and set up?

A: Yes, Bouncing Kingdom will deliver as well as set up your equipment and take down the units at the end of the event.


Q: What is the rental period?

A:  We provide full day rentals!! Generally for no less than 6hrs!!


Q: Do you provide attendants? 

A:  Attendants can be provided at an additional cost at time of booking.


Q: Can you set up inflatables indoors or in parks?


A: Yes, any of our units can be set up indoors as long as there is sufficient space and height clearance. Bouncing Kingdom is permitted to set up in Parks.

Indoor facilities such as gyms, auditoriums, catering halls and YMCA’s etc., are also a great alternative providing that there is enough ceiling clearance.


Q: How many children can safely bounce on an inflatable? 

A:  This generally depends on the inflatable and the age and size of the children. The amount can range between 4-10 children of equal size and age, depending on the capacity of the inflatable and parents good judgement of course.


Q: How far in advance should I make a reservation? 

A:   Bouncing Kimgdom has a first come first serve policy. Inflatable’s can be reserved weeks and even months in advance for holidays and graduation season. It is recommended that you book your reservation well in advance, with 6-8 weeks being a good time frame. However, we do offer and welcome last minute reservations due to our large inventory.


Q: I have additional questions, can I contact you?

A:  Please feel free to either contact us by phone or e-mail using our contact us option. We are always available to answer your questions and respond to our e-mails right away.


Q: What should I expect upon booking and the day of my event?

A: On the day of booking, you will receive a confirmation for booking and reserving your unit(s) on the desired date. We will also contact you a day or two before your event date to review your event details. On the day of your event, our driver will arrive to the location to set up the unit(s) and go over the rules and regulations.

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