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Are you ready for the halloween party?

Throwing a perfect Halloween party is a lot of work. Everyone is at their crazy best and as a host, you want to have fun too. But with all the planning, the running around and last minute party crisis, you can sometimes get too busy and worried, often killing our own mojo.

We have a solution. Here’s a printable checklist for the perfect Halloween party. Whatever be your theme, if you print this and keep ticking things off one by one, you’re good to go. This little checklist touches every possible area that you need to look at for a bloody awesome Halloween party.

Save the checklist in your phone or maybe print it, roll up your sleeves and get right to planning your party. Let’s assume you alre

ady have a guest list and have invitations sent out. Now, what’s left to be done? Decorations, entertainment, snacks, and drinks! Leaving aside any unique ideas for a theme party or a pre-party horror movie marathon, this checklist kinda takes care of everything. Here you go! You’re welcome 😉

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